Today’s workforce is more culturally diverse than ever, and many organizations are realizing the benefits of implementing cultural training programs for their employees. Whether your company is looking to expand globally, reach new markets or simply improve communication between dispersed global teams, we can help by developing training to suit your budget and objectives.

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Improve internal communications

Communication across cultures can improve the cohesiveness of an organization. Our language and cultural training programs offer coaching in areas such as leadership and management, with practical tools and techniques necessary to live and work in a multicultural environment.

Our classes are flexible for employees—they can learn during set hours without it interfering with their existing workload.

We offer:

  • Corporate language training for all levels, available face-to-face or online with an instructor
  • Cultural consulting and coaching to identify behavioral styles that will improve an executive’s ability to effectively lead, manage and communicate
  • Business communication skills to better prepare students to be more effective global leaders
  • Language testing and assessment in all languages, delivered in any time zone
  • Translation, localization and interpretation in all languages with accurate and reliable results